Educational Staff Development

Dr. Dan Lumley brings to his presentations a wealth of both classroom and leadership experience, an inexhaustible sense of humor and caring insight into the professional development needs of teachers and administrators alike.

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Dr. Dan Lumley’s training sessions, inservice presentations and conference keynote speeches address motivational strategies that teachers and administrators can use to stimulate and excite student learning in the classroom. In addition to presentations on student motivation, Dr. Dan teaches school bus drivers and classroom teachers how to prevent and manage student misbehavior both in the classroom and on the school bus.

Student Motivation

When students are motivated the classroom is inspiring, energized, exciting, and rich with learning. When motivation is absent, students are bored, fatigued, and distracted. There is much that a teacher can do to enhance the likelihood that students will be motivated to learn. In Dr. Lumley’s presentations teachers learn effective motivation strategies, techniques, and practices that make learning relevant, interesting, and memorable for students. His practical motivational Tips, Traps, Tools, and To Dos help educators at all levels.

Classroom Management/Discipline

Maintaining classroom discipline is one of the biggest challenges educators face.  Classroom management is how the teacher delivers the curriculum, as well as the environment in which students will learn. Teachers with the best classroom management usually have their class working and learning seamlessly. Dr. Lumley’s presentations focus on effective strategies that teachers can use in order to create an optimal learning environment.

School Bus Discipline

School buses are one of the safest modes of transportation, but on-board discipline problems are on the rise. When students misbehave on school buses, the consequences can have a greater impact than when the misbehavior occurs in the classroom. Drivers must do what most teachers wouldn’t dare: they must turn their backs on more than two classrooms of children, maintain order, and navigate a crowded vehicle through traffic or drive down a highway at a high speed. Dr. Lumley’s School Bus Tips, Traps, Tools, and To Dos help school bus drivers learn how to prevent and manage misbehavior.

Dr. Lumley does an outstanding job of presenting motivational strategies to classroom teachers and administrators. His presentations are always upbeat, powerful and extremely effective.

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Participants in Dr. Lumley’s presentations will not only learn new discipline techniques and enjoy the lively, humorous and engaging session, but will walk away with ready-to-use/practical applications.


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Educational Staff Development