Founded by Drs. Dan and Arvina Lumley,

Educate & Motivate is a consulting company that provides memorable professional development on student motivation and behavior management to school administrators, teachers, bus drivers, and support staff. The Educate & Motivate program also trains business leaders across the country on how to deliver engaging training, facilitate effective meetings, and work with difficult people. more...

A master motivator,

Dr. Lumley is an inspiration to those around him no matter

the venue.

North Carolina


Motivation and Behavior Management
Tools, Tips, Traps, and To Dos for:
    • Teachers
    • Administrators
    • Support Staff
    • School Bus DriversEducator_Development.html
Meeting Facilitation and Effective Presentations Tools, Tips, Traps,
and To Dos for:
    • Municipal Government
    • Corporations & Small Business
    • Community Organizations
    • School & Business AdministratorsCorporate_Motivation.html

If you want someone who can hold an audience's attention

from opening remarks

to close, you need

"Dr. Dan".

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Educational Staff Development





Corporate / Government Training